Casting with silicon. Step By Step

Step 1.

A wooden box need to be made to fit the item you will be making a cast of. The box needs to be solid so that there are no leaks, but with one end open to pour in the silicon

Step 2

The microwavable silicon comes in a pack as below but any silicon can be used just be sure to check the melting/mixing instructions.


The silicon then needs to be poured into the box which should contain the object you want to cast, and left over night approx. – 12 hours.

Step 3.

The box can now be ripped off.

Very carefully you should use a sharp craft knife to cut into the set silicon mould, three sides of the mould need to be cut into right up to the surface of the object, enough so that the object can then carefully be pulled out.

Step 4.

Now the mould is empty and if it has worked out there is a hollow print on the insdie in the shape of the object you would like to cast.

Which material are you going to cast your object from? Resin, wax, plaster, ?? Pour it in leave for its individual setting time and pull out carefully once it is set!



If you are extra careful you can use the mould multiple times.