To teach or not to teach…

So I have done the degree bit I now can call myself Sophie Walker BA Hons.
Not that I will.

I went up and collected my certificate and can now go onto doing what I have put myself through all this hard work for! Teaching!

I have always wanted to teach Art at secondary school and so I am starting my teaching course in September, and I am very excited about it too!

Once I have started I can report back here and reflect on how I teach, and what I teach, and how I can be the best teacher to inspire my students to want to do art, and show them how to do all of the fun stuff I have done over the past years!


Postcard publicity

Striving For Perfection

Striving For Perfection

The above image is going to be published on postcards which each artist will have for their piece in the Create 13 exhibition.

They will be double sided with my artist statement for the piece on the back alongside the URL to my artist website.