After intense thought and research

So after looking through mega amounts of exhibitions to see how ceramics and sculpture and objects are displayed and even looking at how museums display artefacts and collection I have decided that each cup has its individual ‘niceness’

I would like each stage of my making to be presented to the audience on an individual shelf.


If each object has its own shelf and they are displayed across a long wall then it will be like a timeline of the making of the cups and a timeline of how the last object became perfection although they are all perfectly made so they are all a perfect part of my collection.


Displaying a work where and how?!

It has been discussed I will take up a space in The New School House Gallery, which is a beautiful ceramic art based gallery in York, North Yorkshire. I have a good sized space but without knowing exactly what the work should look like once complete It’s difficult to decide whether it will work well there or not.

The issue now is HOW?!

Possibly displayed in a cabinet quite similar to the way Marcel Broodthaers has exhibited his works previously ‘squished in together’ like below.

Naming ceremony

To ensure a piece is given a context to be received well by the audience a title is always a good idea to have attached to the piece.

A lot of debate and exhausting every option checking connotations won’t clash I found the ‘perfect’ title!!

After trying and trying to produce a resin cup and saucer that is perfect enough to be added to a collection of perfect items I have decided on ‘Striving For Perfection’

As I have strived to create that one piece.

Alongside the title an artist statement is to be shown