Year 10 BTEC Exam Prep

Scheme of work written according to a design brief and assignment deadlines.

There has been an exam added to the BTEC Sow so I have had to begin preparing the students for an exam which they haven’t had or been told about previously.

The BTEC course is quite structured, these students have had a lot of support for all units however they will have no input from the teachers.

To help students manage their time I have developed some sessions which are engaging and help them to understand the structure they need for a ten hour exam.

I decided to go away from the SOW and do something with the group that they haven’t done before in lesson. I split them into three groups on three different tables. In the middle of each table I put an object (vase, kettle, African mask) I asked the class if they had a pen or pencil to pick it up. I then told them to put them away out of sight and I didn’t want to see them again in the lesson. No pencils or rubbers. Something which initially panicked them but then they began to be a little excited about having something very out of the ordinary to do.

I put out a different material on each table: Vase – watercolour on white paper, ceramic kettle – chalk on black paper, African mask – biro on brown paper.

The students had 10 minutes on the first table they then rotated onto the next table and had another ten minutes the third rotation I only gave them 5 minutes.  I asked them to draw an accurate drawing and to include a lot of detail and begin to add tone…in 10 minutes.

The students responded fantastically. I was very impressed with how well they took to something new. I had one small behaviour issue which I dealt with quickly and didn’t disrupt the rest of the group.

At the end of the lesson I asked the students what they had learnt over half the class put up their hand to participate (Never had that many students in this particular group respond to a question at once) some of their answers were:

“How to manage our time well”

“To use our time wisely in the exam”

“Working quickly and accurately is important”

I am now planning an equally engaging and very similar lesson for their next session as I believe they hit the outcomes that I wanted from them perfectly. Hopefully with the next observational drawing lesson they will progress with their observational drawing accuracy since the prior lessons.