Artist Statement

In my practice I look at exploring what establishes what a ‘collection’ is, whether it is the collected objects themselves or whether it is the person collecting and the circumstance which brought them to choose those particular object to keep and furthermore to collect more of the similar sentimental valued objects. Where does the primary context come in to make it a collection when it could just be a random gathering of an otherwise odd selection of items?

This piece signifies the way people use items as sentiment to connote the memory of a place, a time or a moment.

I have also begun to look into the ideas of preserving the collection and reaching perfection. Striving to have something which is perfect and untouched. Items become personal and sentimental.

‘Striving For Perfection’

(A work produced for the upcoming exhibition THIS IS WHO WE ARE)

My working practice has developed from looking at other collections into creating my own. I started with an interest in domestic items particularly teacups, I have been drawn to their fragility and how dainty and decorative they are. Building a collection counts on the choices in which the collector makes about each object, so once I began experimenting with material the work became a focus on getting the teacups into a perfect shape, clean lines and no cracks. A difficult task which I am still striving to achieve; a collection where each hand made cup is perfect.

For more detail on how the work was made and the decisions I made whilst making it visit MY BLOG